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Pennsic 40 Calendar

I have converted the spreadsheet for the class schedule into iCalendar format, which should be directly usable by those on a Mac, and even those limited by their Windows machines. It should also import into Google Calendar, and probably a dozen other applications.

To use this, you can either subscribe to the link below, which will catch any changes should they happen, or you can import the data. If you subscribe, you'll get updates should there be any, but you won't be able to make any changes. If you import you can remove any classes you don't care about and quickly make a list you do care about. You might want to wait until later in the year to do that, when the schedule is, while not in concrete, at least in dried mud.

The calendar is available on http://www.flame.org/pennsic40.ics

The way I use this calendar is to subscribe to the link below on both my mac and iPhone. I really enjoy seeing everything that is available while at Pennsic just in case I missed something. I have detailed instructions on importing to an iPhone, which should also work for other devices like iTouch and iPad.

Any errors on the times, dates, locations, etc. are not mine. Any errors in the strange formatting of some items might be mine. :)