About my relations with the American Meteorological Society


Chuck Doswell

Posted: 16 August 2010 Updated: whenever ...

This is my opinion. If you wish to communicate your opinion regarding this topic, you can contact me at cdoswell at earthlink.net - either use the email hyperlink or cut and paste after replacing _at_ with @). However, if you're not willing to have your comments posted here, along with my response, don't waste my time or yours.

This page represents a summary of some material that has been languishing on a different website. I've moved it all over to my personal site and this is the 'index' page that links to that material. Please let me know about non-functional links, as I may have missed some in the transition.

In January of 2000, I completed my term as an AMS Councilor. I was pleased to have been afforded the chance to serve my profession in this way, but it's time to move on here, as well. My reports from the Council meetings I attended are linked from what follows:

  1. At AMS Headquarters, September 1997
  2. At the Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, January 1998
  3. At AMS Headquarters, September 1998
  4. At the Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, January 1999
  5. At AMS Headquarters, September 1999
  6. At the Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, January 2000

Having served for several years as an editor for what will be a forthcoming AMS Monograph, I have some comments concerning AMS Editorships, designed to stimulate discussion. I also have essays on AMS Meeting Finances and on Awards.

As noted elsewhere, I am currently in a sort of semi-boycott of the AMS - my reasons for this are explained briefly here.