Chuck Doswell's Storm Chase

Restaurant and Lodging Guide

Posted: 12 August 2003. Updated: 04 July 2010. This information is intended to be of assistance to chasers wishing to find decent places to stay and eat, while chasing. Included with each entry is a year indicating our most recent use of the establishment (estimated in some cases). Information of this sort is somewhat perishable, as management and standards can change and it may be a while before we get back and check it out. The more time since our last visit, the less reliable our assessment might be. Any establishment we visit in the future that we find no longer meets our standards will be dropped from this listing. Same goes if we find that it has gone out of business. Input regarding entries should be sent to me at (use the hyperlink or cut and paste the address, replacing the # with @)


  1. Polly's Home Cookin' on I-40 in Amarillo, next to the Motel 6 on the east side of town ... closed on Sunday morning, though - 1997.
  2. Phillips Manor Motel Restaurant in Dumas,TX. Good American-style food at reasonable prices - 1997
  3. NORKA Restaurant, in Akron, CO. Good food and good service, as well as a nice play on words - 1997
  4. When the Sands Motel Restaurant (already highly recommended, especially on Sunday afternoon) is closed in Dalhart, there's a truck stop on the south side of town (a Conoco station) that stays open til 11:00 pm, offers pretty decent food, and has friendly service, as well as phone hook-ups (for laptop modems) right at the tables - 1997
  5. Black Bear Lodge Restaurant, in the Davis Mountains State Park, TX. If all you want to do is eat at the Lodge, get a pass when you first drive into the park. But the park is nice, too, especially if you are at all inclined to camping - 2002.
  6. Pop's Grill. Great burgers at Ft. Davis. Be careful - the burgers are B-I-G! At its new location on the southwest side of town, on the way to Marfa, the decor and mood seems to have changed toward more upscale, yuppie-type eating, instead of the simple style it used to be - 2003.
  7. Bernardo's Steak House in HSI, just north of US6, west of US281. Good food, reasonable prices, beer and wine available - 2001
  8. Fuller's Family Restaurant in MCK, on US6/34 ("B" street), a block or so west of the intersection with US83. Incredible portions, reasonable prices, and open 24 hours - 2001
  9. Mexico Lindo in MCK, on Norris St. just north of US6/34 near the center of town. Good Mexican food for so far north. Great ad on the radio brought us there and Corky, the owner, is a great guy to talk with, if he's not too busy (Corky has died and the place is now called El Puerto - it's O.K, but nothing special, now) - 2010
  10. Batenhorst Smokehouse and Country Store in Umbarger, TX on the east side of town on US60, a short ways east of the road to Buffalo Lake NWR. Excellent barbecue food (don't expect California yuppie-style low-fat cuisine!) and very reasonable prices. (may be closed now) - 1998
  11. Eklund's in CAO. Great food and drink at affordable prices - 2005
  12. Abuello's Mexican Embassy, in LBB - 2001
  13. Sandhiller in Wray, CO. Nice family restaurant - ca. 2000.
  14. Stagecoach Restaurant in Ogallala, NE. Good food, good prices - 1999
  15. Good Sheppard's Inn, in Kit Carson, CO. Mom and pop operation, where they opened the grill to feed us late one stormy night! - 1999.
  16. Whistle Stop in BFF. Good, down-home American-style cooking, in quantity, with good service at a low price - 2000
  17. The "Coffee Shop" in Bowman, ND (on Main). Great food, huge amounts, at a low price. If you order breakfast, make it a half order unless you're very hungry! - 2000.
  18. Blackwell Station in LAA. Good, down-home American-style cooking, in quantity, with good service at a low price. Right across the road from the El Mar (now closed!) - 2008
  19. Villanueva Mexican in LAA. Nice Mexican-style food. About 3 blocks south of the El Mar - 2001
  20. Dee's Cafe, in Cando, ND. Good, inexpensive American-style cooking, on Main Street, downtown (off the highway) - 2001.
  21. Jane's Home Cookin' in in Baker, MT. Excellent, inexpensive American-style food; the soups are terrific! One blockwest of Main Street on US12 - 2001.
  22. Waterhole #3 in Lemmon, SD. An excellent steakhouse with great service, even late at night. About two blocks north of US12, on Main Street - 2001.
  23. Hub City Brewpub in downtown LBB. On-campus atmosphere with good microbrews and food (now closed!) - 2008.
  24. Barrel Bar on the east side of HSI. Great steaks and stays open fairly late for that post-tornado steak dinner celebration - 2002.
  25. Fred's Restaurant in Sumner, NM. Pretty decent steakhouse - 2003.
  26. Tropp's Bar and Grill in HLC. Good place for that post-tornado steak dinner - 2003.
  27. The Frying Pan in YKN (and elsewhere). Good affordable food in a place that stays open 24 h! - 2003.
  28. Route Steakhouse in Burlington, CO. Nice steakplace - 2003.
  29. Memories in Fort Morgan, CO. Outstanding food and a great menu selection, affordable, stays open relatively late - 2009.
  30. Fireside Junction Restaurant on the west side of LIC. Good, affordable food but ignore the decor - 2003.
  31. Tacos Garcia in Amarillo, TX, north of I-40 on the street for the Microtel Inn and Suites. Great Mexican and very affordable - 2005
  32. City Limits Bar & Grill at the Comfort Inn in Colby, KS. Good food, great service, and stays open fairly late - 2008
  33. Carol's Restaurant in Alliance, NE. Good, affordable American-style food - 2005
  34. Big J's Cafe on Main Street in Bowman, ND. Huge helpings for breakfast at low prices - 2005
  35. Chuck Wagon Restaurant on the west side of Liberal, KS on Hwy 54. Excellent Mexican fare at low prices - 2005
  36. Stadium Sports Grill in Belle Fourche, SD. Good selection plus some decent beer choices - 2005
  37. The Grand Oasis in Mobridge, SD. Great buffet and many manu selections, besides, at great prices - 2005
  38. The Sands Motel Restaurant in Dalhart, TX. The Sunday buffet is especially good. Now open 24 h! - 2007
  39. Lucky Garden in Burlington, CO. Great, affordable Chinese food - 2006
  40. Hitchin' Post in Winner, SD. Good, affordable American-style food in a western atmosphere - 2006
  41. Ken and Dale's Restaurant in AIA. Good, affordable American-style food - 2007
  42. Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in PIR. Very good service, good food, and good prices - 2007
  43. Doo Wah Ditty's Diner, Kimball, SD. Good, affordable food on I-90 - 2007
  44. Holiday House, on the east side of Winner, SD. Good, affordable food - 2007
  45. Longhorn Restaurant, downtown in Kimball, NE. Good service, good food, good prices - 2007
  46. Jeri's Kitchen, downtown in Kingman, KS. Excellent if simple fare at low prices - 2008
  47. Taqueria Mexico, on the east end of Wyatt Earp Blvd in DDC. Excellent Mexican food, good service, affordable - 2008
  48. Moonlight Diner, on Tower Road near DIA. Large portions, good variety, affordable and stays open late - 2010
  49. Meadowlark Restaurant, near Bridgeport, NE. Good affordable food and stays open relatively late - 2008
  50. Taste of Texas BBQ, on the highway in western MCK. Good BBQ, service, and large portions for a relatively low price - 2010
  51. Home Cooking Cafe, in Elk City (associated with the Ambassador Motel). Classic Oklahoma country food and lots of it for a low price - 2009
  52. Cotton Patch Cafe, a TX chain - this one in PVW. Really good country cooking, large portions, reasonable price - 2009
  53. Big Ed's Steakhouse, Bird City, KS. Stays open late for that post-tornado steak dinner with a beer or wine, near GLD - 2009
  54. Harold's Pit Bar-B-Q, Abilene, TX. Definitely the genuine TX product - directions. Don't be put off by the modest exterior - 2009
  55. Grand Buffet, AIA. Chinese buffet with great service, nice people, and reasonable prices - 2009
  56. Sand Cafe, Merriman, NE. Simple but good American fare at low prices in a small town - 2009
  57. Margarita's, LBF. Excellent, affordable Mexican food - 2010
  58. Chatterbox, on the west side of Tribune, KS. Standard but good American fare. It's the waitress, Patty, who makes this place fun - 2010
  59. Creekside Tavern, just off the main drag in Wray, CO. Excellent food at affordable prices - 2010
  60. First Interstate Diner, just across from the Super-8, Kimball, NE - Nice people, good American food, good prices - 2010
  61. Mi Ranchito, LBF. Another excellent Mexican restaurant - 2010
  62. Oscar's Bar and Grill, in the truck stop cluster on the west side of LIC. Excellent food and service, with nice affordable wine choices - 2010
  63. Michael's Cantina, OFK. Another excellent Mexican restaurant - 2010
  64. Bar-B-Q Central, ONL. Really outstanding BBQ, with dry-rub ribs that were just plain perfect! - 2010
  65. DiCiccio's, on Tower Road, near DIA. Excellent Italian fare, although a tad pricey - 2010

Lodging (including camping)

Generally speaking, all recommended motels have TWC on cable and some way of connecting to the Internet.

  1. Grand Motel in HSI, on US6, east of US281. Reasonable prices, continental breakfast included - 2001
  2. Capri Motel in BFF, on NE71 on the north side of town. Reasonable prices, will let you use their laundry, coffee in room, small refrigerator in room - 2002
  3. Sage Motel, in MCK, on US6/34 on the east side of town, east of the US83 interection. Reasonable prices, let me use their personal phone for laptop hookups. Only 6 units, though - 1998
  4. Motel 7 in GLD, on Business 24 on the east side of town. Reasonable prices, TWC, no data phone capability and a bit run-down, but clean and not so pricey as the chains on the west side of town. Closed - 2007.
  5. Buffalo Lake NWR, south of Umbarger, TX. Only a $2 entry fee (in 1998) and camping is free! Nice campsites and very underutilized, with flush toilets and a water spigot - 1998
  6. X-L Motel in HSI (on US6). Not a bad substitute if the Grand Motel is booked - 1999
  7. The Curve Motel on the north side of Buffalo, OK . A very clean and friendly atmosphere in a true "mom and pop" operation - 1999
  8. Circus Inn (on US84 toward Post) in southeastern LBB, on US 84 (toward Post) between I-27 and the Loop. Take US84 east off I-27, will need to do a U-turn. Clean and affordable rooms - 2003
  9. Victorian Motel in MAF (on the access road to Business I-20). Clean and affordable in spite of the Victorian motif - 2001
  10. The Park Motel (north of Rodeo Drive on US83) in LBF. Clean and affordable, with friendly proprieters. - 2002
  11. Rawhide Motel in Lusk, WY. Clean and affordable - 1999
  12. Sands Motor Inn, in Ulysses, KS. Clean and affordable - 2001
  13. Butte Motel in Wray, CO. Nice, affordable place that includes the Sandhiller restaurant - 2002
  14. Good Sheppard's Inn, in Kit Carson, CO. Nice people and clean, affordable rooms in converted mobile homes - 1999
  15. Fleetwood Inn in CYS (take exit 364 from I80). Clean affordable rooms - 2001
  16. Country Inne in OFK (Hwy 275). A tad bit pricey, but nice rooms - 2000
  17. Buckboard Inn in Beach ND (on I94). Nice folks, right next to Flying J truck stop - 2000
  18. Trail Motel in Bowman ND. Nice affordable rooms - 2000
  19. El Mar Budget Host on the south side of LAA, on US287. Clean and affordable rooms with nearby excellent food options - 2004
  20. Lemmon Country Inn, about 3 miles east of town in Lemmon, SD on US12. Nice "mom and pop" operation - 2008.
  21. Buffalo Trails Motel on the west side of Winner, SD. Nice affordable rooms with wireless internet - 2006
  22. White House Inn in ABR. A great bargain even though the outside appearance is kinda silly - 2002
  23. Laura Lodge in Pecos, TX. Nice rooms at a good price, even for a town on the Interstate - 2003
  24. West Way Motel in AIA. Affordable rooms in a town with pricey motels - 2003
  25. Sleep Inn in FSD. Clean affordable rooms - 2003
  26. Regency in South Sioux City, NE. Clean, affordable rooms near OMA; be prepared to overlook a somewhat run-down exterior - 2003
  27. Travelodge in Elk City, OK. Somewhat run-down but the rooms were clean, comfortable, and very low prices, plus some very helpful owners - 2009
  28. ...



  1. G & L Tire and Automotive, Hays, KS. Excellent, speedy service, friendly people - 2005
  2. Eric's Amoco, Agar, SD. Wonderful service, competent, honest workmanship - 2005
  3. ...