Nyassa's Journal


Yes, I've not written in this thing for almost a year now. Why? I'll claim it was because life got extremely busy, and I didn't have time to do so. In reality, I was just lazy, and the coolness factor wore off to maintain a journal. The coolness of having a pet parrot didn't wear off, of course.
So much has changed since the last time I wrote about Nyassa. Let's see. In summary:
  • Diet He is eating Harrison's High Potency food now as a main diet, with other things as treats. He actually wants whatever I'm eating, but he doesn't get much of that. He tends to find out that the pizza he has his eye on turns into a carrot somehow, but that's ok, I gave it to him, so it must be what I'm eating.
  • Play He doesn't make a mess of toys the way I've seen other birds, mostly maccaws, do. He nibbles a little on each toy in his cage, on his tree, or in a hand, but doesn't rip them up much. I really wish he would, but perhaps since I spend so much time with him, and when I'm not around usually someone else is, he doesn't think it is important to make toothpicks.
  • Bathing Nyassa still doesn't like to get wet. In fact, if it happens to be raining outside, he'll do everything he can to avoid getting hit by raindrops. That usually means he'll hide under my chin -- not exactly dry, but at least his head is I suppose. In the shower he'll sometimes play in the water by ruffling up his feathers, but typically he'll just stand there and look like he wants it to all end. I'm taking him over to a friend's house, where he can watch other birds play in the water, so perhaps he'll do the "rain dance" sooner or later.
  • New Pictures I have a pile of new pictures, but for now all you get to see are two cute ones where he's holding a name plate with his name on it. They're both out of focus, but you have to be quick to keep that beak from making large dents in soft plastic. Here's one, and here's the other.
  • Bird-Friends He gets to see other birds quite a bit these days. I know the risks, but he seems to enjoy it so much I am willing to take them. I don't yet have the other pictures online, but I will soon.
  • Toys I have pretty much stopped buying toys at pet stores, and instead shop at birdthings for the toys, food, and so on.
  • Vet I take Nyassa to Fern Vansant at "For The Birds" -- which doesn't seem to have a web site yet. It's in Los Gatos, CA, and is a very good place to take a bird, since that's all they do there. I do listen to everything Fern and the rest of the staff tell me, but I always make up my own mind on things. No matter who your vet is, you should do the same.
  • Sleeping Nyassa has a sleep cage now, in my bedroom. I put him there when it gets dark, and get him up when the sun comes up. I then go back to bed for a few hours, since I was up much later than he was. If I sleep on the couch, he is nice enough to stay quiet until I wake up, too. That's very nice of him.
  • Personality Nyassa is an amazingly friendly bird, so I have been told, for a Grey. Usually they aren't as social/friendly to others as he is. He'll step up for just about anyone, and usually whistles at them while on a hand. He whistles at people as they walk by my office door. They whistle back, and a little ping/pong game starts. I actually think he thinks he's a maccaw, not a grey.
  • Moulting He started this about 4 months ago, and it's been going on since. The breeder gave him a rather severe wing clip, and he managed to grow out two new primaries, one on each wing. However, one was damaged, and broke. It had to be pulled. It hurt me worse than him, I think. In any case, he has lost 4 covering feathers today (that I saw in his beak, and took away from him) and what seems like hundreds of downy feathers. In reality, they are probably only 10 or so, but they pile up fast.

That's all for today. I'll try to write more often, rather than having a large mega-update.

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