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A Handbook for Visual Identification


Fernando Caracena, NOAA/Forecast Systems Lab*

Ronald L. Holle, NOAA/National Severe Storms Lab*

Charles A. Doswell III, NOAA/National Severe Storms Lab*


* Affiliations at the time of publication - All now retired from NOAA


The following are additions to the Microburst Handbook page. Items are being added here in order to limit the loading time for the Handbook proper. These are new topics and/or new images that we believe add to the objectives of the Handbook: helping people identify microbursts and downbursts visually.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are copyrighted. Permission to use them in any form must be obtained from the authors, to avoid the need for messy copyright infringement litigation.


Most recent update: 09 February 2011: Moved to my home web page and updated

(24 November 1997; Chuck Doswell): I've scanned some more images that might be of interest or value. [All images ©1997 C. Doswell]

(24 November 1997; Ron Holle) A series of 4 photos shows a microburst near Stapleton International Airport on 23 August 1990 between 1905 and 1909 MDT. These views were taken during the approach to the airport on a commercial airliner; the plane was diverted around the event. Dust is blowing across fields at speeds estimated to be in excess of 50 knots. Rainbow segments are visible when the sun illuminates raindrops to the east of the aircraft. [Photos © 1990 by Ronald L. Holle]

(11 December 1997):

Ron Holle: A rain foot at 1737 Central Daylight time evolved into this downburst five minutes later, at 1742. Winds are blowing outward from the storm on the right; dust is being raised as winds blow over an open field. The event occurred near Boise City, Oklahoma on 15 July 1992. Photos ©1992 Ronald L. Holle.

Bill Bunting: A microburst descends from the parent cloud to the ground and begins to spread out, in this sequence of four photos from central Oklahoma on 24 October 1991. The outward flow of winds is apparent at the ground in the last view. Photos ©1991 William Bunting.

Chuck Doswell: This downburst occurred on 27 May 1988, near Bushland, Texas. The outflow from right to left is curling over, lifting dust at its leading edge. Photo ©1997 C. Doswell.


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