Michael Graff

Former student at Iowa StateUniversity but graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering. If you need to contact me, mail works best.
[ online photo album ]

My online photo album.

[ couch ] When moving, you would be surprised at how well your typical couch can fly.

[ Pool balls picture ] Interests: Networking, role playing games, reading books, ray tracing 'till it hurts, NetBSD. And the non-geek (although some may differ on that opinion) likes to flirt in the SCA.

[ SphereFlake picture ] When I had free time, mostly when I was in college, I played with raytracing.

Things you can do to avoid reality (or homework, or work, or...):

I don't have many papers to put up here, but here is one.

A paper presented to Asiacrypt '94 on the breaking of RSA-129. (Postscript, 392k)