Michael's Photo Album

Greetings, and welcome to my hastily put together photo album. Some of the pictures here aren't quite studio quality, and the majority are nowhere close, but at least they're here. And, unless I want to scan them in at some obscenely high resolution, they won't get much better than they are now.

In any case, without further dialog, here are the "collections" I've made.


Christmas 1997
A few pictures of my family, their pets, and my home town.


Atlanta 1997, sorcery.net gathering I
A trip I made to Atlanta in 1997, for the first sorcery.net gathering.

Atlanta 1998, Renn Faire
A second trip to Atlanta in 1998. Some of the people are repeats from the first sorcery.net gathering. This time, we went to a Renn Faire in garb.

Pennsic War

Pennsic XXVII
I shot about 5.5 rolls of film at Pennsic 27. Somewhat less than I hoped for came off, and of those some aren't thrilling. Some of the more thrilling I didn't scan. If you've been to Pennsic, you understand.

Pets, Mine
and Others

Nyassa, my Congo Grey
He hatched on 14-Dec-1998, and I brought him home on 26-Mar-1999. And he's adorable!