Pennsic XXVII

This was my first Pennsic, so that should explain why I shot off a lot of battle pictures. There was so much going on that I couldn't possibly capture it all, but I did my best on what I could.

Here you will find battles fought, friends I knew or just met, and pictures taken while wandering around the site. Most of them don't have names associated, however. For the ones without names, I would appreciate information I could place next to the pictures. This is especially important for the camps I photographed.

Arial Photos

The arial photos below show something about the size of the camp. I'd be interested in collecting the other arial photos as well, if someone wants to scan them up I'll gladly post them here. Contact me for details, so they'll all match up nicely.

[pic] Arial photo 116 (huge, 1480x1196, 405 kbytes)
[pic] Arial photo 207 (huge, 1480x1192, 536 kbytes)


The Battles

I took pictures of two battles, the main field battle and the bridge battle.

Maguire's Marauders

This was the camp I was in. I'm hoping to be in it again next year, this time for land grab, or at least part of it.


Silver Channel

This was the other camp I spent a good deal of time in. I first met these people when I found someone stranded at the airport due to mangled communication. Pennsic is the place for this sort of thing to happen. I'm pretty happy things turned out like they did, however, since if they hadn't I'd not have met these great people.



Carolingia's Comedia Performance and a fertility ritual


The Site

Here are pictures I took while wandering around the site. Some are from my camp, some are just random pictures, some are of other camps.

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