Pennsic XXVII

Maguire's Marauders

This was the camp I was in. I'm hoping to be in it again next year, this time for land grab, or at least part of it.

[pic] Arial photo of the camp.

[pic] Here's a picture of our camp. It's not thrilling, but this picture doesn't show the shower we had set up, and it can't quite show the shade and icewater we so needed.

[pic] What else would you do with an unneeded can of whipped cream?

[pic] In the night, someone promoted our nice little smiley face into a duke. Apparently, the culprit came by near the end of Pennsic to claim his work. The camp thought the change was pretty amusing.

[pic] As seen in the last issue of the War Chronical: "From the ladies of Maguire's Marauders: ``Si habes mentulam magnum quam equo, intro pete." If you don't know latin, you can get a translation, but don't say I didn't warn you.

[pic] Ki-lin. She spoiled us all with treats for most of the war.

[pic] This is Jon himself, our camp's master. He created all the things to keep us comfy, and brought the Big Shade Tent. This was a typical pose of his, when he wasn't in spiffy garb at night. None of those pictures came off, though.

[pic] This is Christine, aka Krista. She's the one who brought me into the camp, and I thank her again for inviting me.

[pic] Christabol (spelling?) -- our camp servant, who saved us with ice and water.

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