Atlanta Renn Faire, 1998

We had an awful lot of fun with bubbles. These were edible (they tasted like purfumed grapes to me) but the ladies seemed to enjoy them, and we enjoyed watching the ladies enjoy them.

Finally, Naz has had enough.

The Wenching of ED. Somehow, I don't think I'd complain.

Here we have ED doing battle with the Fencing Master. ED is the one in the kilt, if you needed to be told.

The Second Wenching of ED. This one I might have complained about.

The best picture of me to date.

Me and ED doing battle. ED won, but we did have a simultaneous pop. Whoo hoo!

Just a pretty picture of the street.

ED and Naz, looking, uh, cool, I guess.

Some pictures of Naz. No, he's not that scarry, really.

Some pictures of ED, his lady, and them together. She's very photogenic, enough to make up for the rest of us.

Another lady who went along. Her name's Robin. She was one of Naz's friends.

Yours truely, one picture looking somewhat cool for once, and another to ruin any hopes that it was consistent.

There was a bird show. One of the raptors flew between a man's legs. That's not a mouse!

You'll never see this (alive) at Pennsic.

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