Nyassa, the Congo Grey

Here's a bit of information about Nyassa, my new Congo Grey baby. I have a strong feeling he'll always be my baby, regardless of how old he is, if his temperment remains as mild as it is.

Lastly I'd like to put up all the little tidbits of knowledge I have learned or think I've learned, but I am going to do it in a journal format. That way, you can almost experience owning a Grey, but not have to remove the fruit from the TV screen.

Look at Nyassa's Journal

He's 3.5 months old in this picture, and only in his new home for a day.

And here's Nyassa, in his cage.

Birdie Balancing Act. This is a regular occurance, and he does this even when he isn't ready to sleep. He even preens himself with one foot lifted, tucked up, or very lightly touching the perch.

And here's his right foot.

And his left. Why? Because.

And his beak. The real reason is that these can be used for identification. They're like bird fingerprints.

And here's Nyassa, with his overweight owner. I know this sounds like an excuse, but the camera makes me look fatter from this angle. I'm holding it in my other hand, so please take that into consideration. :)

Hmm. This ESC key tastes pretty good.

So does this penny.

Here's the little critter holding a penny in one foot while he tries his best to find out if it has seeds or not. I think the holding food trick is so cool.
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