Nyassa's Journal


Nyassa's second day

Nyassa has good manners. I slept on the couch again, and he was totally quiet until I opened my eyes. As soon as I did that, I got a "whoop!" and looked up to see him pressed against the cage side, watching me intently. So began the new day.

This second day was much easier on both of us. The morning started out with breakfast consisting of rice, soaked sunflower seeds, veggies, and fruit. At least for Nyassa. I ate some of the fruit, but left the seeds to him. I also ate a bananna, but didn't fling it around the room.

Nyassa joined me for a shower. He stayed well out of the water, and seemed to be quite bored, since he fell asleep on the perch I mounted in there. He also did not want to move again afterwards. I suspect it was the food that put him to sleep, he'd just eaten his breakfast, and needed time and energy to digest. He always seems to sleep after he eats, so I know when he's full now. He's still a baby, after all.

After he woke up, I talked to him for about half an hour, stroking his feathers, beak, and touching his feet. He seemed to be calm enough, but I had to guard my glasses most of the time. He also almost said "hello" again, and something else I can't make out, but it's two words. Yes, he's almost talking at 3.5 months. And I taught him several new whistles already. I think he's a smart one, but I'm biased. He just needs to grow up now, and learn about glass.

I put him in his cage and headed off to work. I came home early, Just In Case. He did the dig thing again, of course. I let him out, and he and I shared a dinner. I already bought a shop vac, I clearly need to buy a rug cleaning machine too. [I also bought a new vacuum a few days ago, since the old one just didn't cut it anymore. I had an old one, so it needed replacing anyway.]

After he'd eaten his fill, I talked to him again. This time I was cleaning his beak of little bits of food stuck to it. He seemed to appreciate that. I also sang to him again, and he joined in with off-key "whoops" and "weeps" and other happy bird sounds. I can't sing in key either, so he'll learn "wild rover" and "three jolly coachmen" off key. Ahh well.

Later, we went out into the enclosed hallway of my building, and he met the neighbor. Nyassa was calm and accepted little pets, and even perched on his hand. Nyassa perfered to have me hold him though, and he made happy bird sounds while pushing up against my chin with his head. And he seems to know the "step up" command somewhat, since I can put a hand there and say "step up" and he'll usually do so. So far, so good.

Since it was dark out, and he was acting sleepy, I put him inside his cage and covered it up. He spent a while preening himself while I left the lights on in the room, and settled down straight away. Whew! A good day today.

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