Nyassa's Journal


Nyassa's third day

I can't believe this. I'm up with the birds, and about the time Nyassa starts yawning and I put him to bed, I get tired. First, he changes my diet in that I eat better. Now he changes my schedule. Grr.

But, in any case, I woke to the little "whoop!" this morning. I fed him, played with him, showered without him today since he didn't seem too keen on the shower thing this morning, then played with him some more. I did have "help" brushing my teeth and hair, and he almost ate a check I had out to remind me to deposit it. He only chewed off a little bit, and they cashed it without a problem.

I went to work, then came home. He didn't dig in the corners today, and his little wound is mostly healed over. I rubbed his beak again to clean it up for him, and he cheeped all the while. And then came the scritches. He liked those, too, even if he is a little uncertain of me yet.

He also watched me vacuum the floor up. He was very interested while I cleaned his cage today, when the previous days he could care less, and in fact wanted to be far from his cage. He went in with only the usual level of complaint though, and went straight to sleep after the usual preening when I covered his cage. I didn't QUITE cover it completely tonight, and he went to sleep anyway. I think I'll uncover a little more every few days until he will sleep with his cage only partially covered.

Since I used to be a night owl, and will always stay up later than him, it makes sense to cover the cage I think. At the least, it keeps him warmer, since my apartment does have some cool nights. I have taken to closing the window all the way (rather than keeping it a crack open) now too. Keeps us both warmer.

Tonight, I try sleeping in my bed rather than on the couch. We'l see how that goes tommorow. And tommorow is his second vet checkup. The first was with the breeder; this is his first with me. And Xeno, the little parakeet, gets to go along for her checkup, too.

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